"How long?"

We aim to be transparent with our processing and shipping timeframes, so you know when to expect your packages.

Our Shipping Policy

**Treehouse Traders does NOT dropship from China**

We work with our suppliers to minimize any supply chain risks due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and therefore, do not dropship from China.  The shipping information for each individual product is displayed on that page.  Please see the description section for specific shipping information on its own product page.

Note: all shipping timeframes are in addition to processing time, which runs typically 1-2 business days, but could be significantly longer, during peak  or busy times throughout the year.


All products on our site are shipped FREE to USA - some products may not be available in Alaska and/or Hawaii.  Generally shipped items usually arrive at their destination within 4-7 business days.  Some products may arrive as soon as 1-3 business days, and other products, may take 15 business days or longer to arrive.


Worldwide shipping may not be available in some cases.  In other cases, shipping may or may not be available to specific countries only.  Please reference shipping timeframes for each product in the product description of each product.  Shipped items may arrive as soon as 1-3 business days in some cases, and in others, may take 15 business days or longer to arrive.

Updated: May 16, 2023